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24 / 7 Care

24 / 7 Care

Neighbourly Care offers 24/7 “Around-The-Clock” Care for your loved one who wants to stay at home. We understand that tasks throughout the day can offer challenges as we age, experience disability, or recover from injury. That’s why Neighbourly Care’s care team takes care of everything you may need – day and night. You can rest easy knowing that even at 2 in the morning you have access to care and access to our scheduling team.

Urgent care

At Neighbourly Care, we understand that sometimes when you figure out that you need help, you need it now.  We will get your loved one care as soon as possible, often on the same day. If this is you, stop reading and call us now. 519.351.2273

What does 24/7 care really mean?

  • We offer our services any time of day, everyday of the year
  • You can always reach the Neighbourly Care team
  • Your care schedule can be anytime of day or night
  • Around the clock 24/7 care when needed

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