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Foot Care

Foot Care

Healthy, happy feet help offer a strong foundation, improve mobility and independence while improving someone’s overall quality of life.  Neighbourly Care understands that age, injury, or chronic issues may make it difficult to manage foot care alone. For that reason, we offer in-home Advanced Foot Care by a qualified nurse.

Diabetic Foot Care

Maintaining foot care for individuals with diabetes is essential to overall wellness. Neighbourly Care’s incredible team of foot care nurses ensure your regular diabetic foot care needs are met by a reliable and experienced foot care nurse.

What does Foot Care really mean?

  • Certified Advanced Foot Care Nurse takes care of your loved one’s feet on a regular basis
  • We bring Foot Care to you, so you can maintain your daily routine
  • Time with a nurse who will take their time to ensure a positive experience
  • Overall well being from the ground up!

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