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What it’s like working with Neighbourly Care

“I have to say this is the most rewarding job I have ever experienced in my life of 14 years of being a PSW. They care so much about their clients and employees.” – Ashley, PSW

“The company reaches expectations, and standards beyond measure. They are so down to earth, and easy going. And most of all makes me want to go to work everyday to see my clients because I LOVE MY JOB AND I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!!!” – Chantel, RPN

“I appreciate you for the people you are and the way you run a great business but most importantly for the way you treat your employees!! You guys are the best!!” – Shannon, RPN

Apply to work with us if you want:

  • Quality one on one time with your clients
  • Flexibility in your schedule – you choose your visits
  • A team that is there when you need them, with access to your care team 24/7
  • Appreciation for the work you do with a team who believes We Are Better Together
  • To help people in your community and bring your neighbourly attitude to each visit
  • The ability to say YES to activities to bring your clients comfort and joy

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