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At Neighbourly Care, we believe in the power of Joyful Living. Our passion is to ensure the people we support and their family members have the highest quality of life at home.  In this ever changing world, a kindred spirit to share creative activities, daily exercise, brain games, a laugh or a smile can be the best medicine.  At Neighbourly Care, Joyful Living is what companionship is all about.

The Right Fit

The difference between good care and great care is finding a caregiver who is the Right Fit for your loved one. Neighbourly Care takes into account your loved ones likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests to ensure the caregiver matched with them is the Right Fit. Finding a caregiver who is the Right Fit for your loved one means that they will connect on a personal level and create a meaningful and lasting therapeutic relationship.

A visitor when you can’t be there.

We know you work hard to get your loved one what they need. Sometimes busy schedules and distance can get in the way of those ever-important visits. Let us fill in the gaps in your hectic life with regular Neighbourly Care visits to help your loved one feel fulfilled and engaged during everyday life.

What does companionship really mean?

  • Doing activities together that bring joy
  • Physical activities including exercising, gardening, walking, physio, cleaning, you name it!
  • Mental stimulation including social interaction, brain games, cards, reading books
  • Looking forward to your next Neighbourly Care visit

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