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Respite Care

Respite Care

We’re here for you too!  Neighbourly Care understands that taking care of a loved one can be overwhelming. We believe that nobody should have to do it alone. Respite care allows family members to rest and recharge both mentally and physically so you can jump back in at your best. We are better together.

Take a break, we’ve got this!

When we work together, we provide better care and quality of life to loved ones. Taking a little time for yourself will allow you to both take care of all your important tasks, and get the break you need. You can rest easy knowing a qualified PSW or Nurse will watch over and care for your loved one while you’re away. Stimulation with someone outside the family can help your loved one feel engaged and refreshed, improving their quality of life too. Whether you need respite for a few hours, a few days a week, or during an extended vacation, we are here when you need us.

What does respite care really mean?

  • You take a break and recharge
  • You get a night to sleep
  • Take care of the things you need to when life pulls you away to your other responsibilities
  • You feel confident your loved one is cared for

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