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Errands and Transportation

Errands and Transportation

At Neighbourly Care our goal is to ensure your loved one keeps their independence. One of the biggest challenges in remaining independent is getting where you need to go, and having access to the items you need. Neighbourly Care understands the importance of this autonomy and independence. That’s why our team of local caregivers can take you where you need to go, making doing errands and accessing transportation easy.

Reliable Freedom

Freedom means doing what you want, when you want. Craving your favourite dessert? We can go take you to that local bake shop you love to satisfy your sweet tooth. Your weekly physio appointment? We will get you there on time and make sure you’ve even got a second set of ears for new instructions. Wanting to check out a new store in town? We will take you there and even help you pick out something special. Having a reliable way to get where you want and need to go opens up a word of possibilities, and that’s what Neighbourly Care is all about.

What does transportation/accompaniment really mean?

  • Transportation to appointments
  • Running errands with you or for you
  • Accompany on errands and appointments
  • Going to your favourite spots, perhaps the library, the local gym or the seniors centre
  • Assist in making trips successful – whether that means taking notes at appointments or ensuring enough food for the week while getting groceries

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