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FAQ’s & Helpful Tools

FAQ’s & Helpful Tools

1. What is home health care?

Home Health Care is any service provided in-home to promote wellness, maintain independence and assist in recovery. Usually home health care is provided by certified Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Nurses, who are specifically trained to meet the medical and non-medical needs of individuals in the home. Home health care includes anything from companionship and personal hygiene care to wound dressing and nursing assessments.


2. How do I know my loved one needs home care assistance?

There are many signs that can indicate some help is needed in the home. Decline in ability to do regular household tasks and hygiene activities, mentioning that they are feeling sad or lonely, and new or progressing health problems are some of the most common reasons to start looking for home care assistance options. Other reasons can include a higher risk of falls, a loss of interest in cooking for themselves, and wanting to remain independent even after losing their driver’s license.


3. What do I need to ask about when choosing a home health care agency?

There are many things to consider when choosing a home health care agency. Neighbourly Care:

  • Caregivers are licensed and insured, have a clear criminal record check, and are carefully selected
  • Visit start and end times are monitored remotely through technology
  • Will provide a replacement if your usual caregiver is sick or away
  • Is locally owned and operated
  • Has 24/7 access to care and scheduling
  • Offers free in-person consultation and ongoing Care Coaching
  • Free follow-up and check-ins
  • Takes into account your loved one’s personality, hobbies and interests in match you with a caregiver who is the Right Fit
  • Always gives our clients the time they need and never rushes through activities

4. What are the advantages of home health care?

Studies show that when your loved one stays at home, they feel more comfortable in their environment, are safer, and maintain their independence.

5. What services do you provide?

Neighbourly Care offers a full spectrum of Home Health Care Services in Chatham Kent and Leamington. View our Services

6. Do I need a referral from a doctor?

No! All you need to do is call to speak to an experienced Care Coach who will help you customize a plan that’s right for you.

7. Is there a charge for a consultation in the home?

No! All in-home consultations with Neighbourly Care are FREE. If you’re not sure yet that home care is right for you and need to talk to someone again? We will even come back out to your home again at no cost.

8. Do you only deal with seniors?

Home Health Care is not just for seniors! We offer services to those recovering from Motor Vehicle Accidents, people living with disability, people recovering from injury, and anything else you can think of.

9. Will you provide care if I live in an apartment or an assisted living facility/retirement home?

Yes! Neighbourly Care is happy to provide our Home health services to you – wherever you are. We have clients in retirement homes, in apartments or living in the country.

10. What health care professionals are on our team?

Neighbourly Care currently employs Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and nurses at both the RPN and RN levels.

11. What is a Personal Support Worker (PSW)?

A Personal Support Worker, or PSW, is a certified health care professional that assists individuals with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This can include but is not limited to personal hygiene, homemaking, cooking and socialization. PSWs take on much more than just the list described here, and are a source of comfort and joy in their clients’ lives.

12. What is family funded/private home care?

Neighbourly Care offers family funded home care. You are the customer. You do not need to qualify and you can have service as often or as little as you choose. There is much more choice involved in family funded services. Family funded care is paid for by the client or family arranging care.

13. Can I arrange for occasional transportation to appointments or other errands?

Yes! Neighbourly Care offers transportation as an option when creating your customized care plan.

14. Is there a minimum number of hours for service?

Yes. We book our PSW services at a minimum of 3 hours and our Nursing services at a minimum of 2 hours. This uninterrupted time with a healthcare professional ensures your loved one is taken care of with extra attention and does not feel rushed.

15. How are your caregivers selected?

Our caregivers go through a multi-step process to join our team. Every individual goes through multiple interviews, has a criminal record check, their references checked, and undergoes both online and in person training with Neighbourly Care. We take extra care with this important caregiver selection process and are confident every one of our caregivers does an incredible job bringing our clients and their families comfort and joy.

16. Will I get the same caregiver every time?

Once we have matched you to a caregiver who is the Right Fit for your loved one, our goal is to maintain caregiver consistency and select that individual as your loved one’s primary caregiver.

17. What happens if my caregiver is sick?

This will be part of your care plan that you get to decide.  Typically, if your caregiver is sick, or cannot get to their scheduled visit for any reason, Neighbourly Care will offer a replacement caregiver who matches your loved one’s needs.

18. How are schedules managed?

At Neighbourly Care, we know that consistency is key. Your Care Coach will help you determine the right schedule for you and your family. Once we have developed a regular routine for your loved one’s visit, we take care of maintaining that schedule. Any necessary changes will be communicated and taken care of according to your wishes.

19. Does my insurance cover home health care?

It might! We are happy to help you navigate your insurance policy to understand what care you have coverage for.

20. I have life insurance - do you direct bill?

Yes! We offer direct billing to all qualified regular clients for insurance companies who will accept direct billing.

21. How soon can service start?

We pride ourselves on starting care fast – we are here when you need us! Often, this can be the same day if needed. Give us a call and we can get started!

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