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Neighbourly Care’s experienced team of nurses are essential in maintaining optimal health and comfort for your loved one. Choosing to stay at home doesn’t mean you should have to compromise your health – that’s why Neighbourly Care offers medical support in the home. Whatever your loved one is facing, a Neighbourly Care can help with both with nursing tasks and overall comfort.

Nursing Assessments

You shouldn’t have to guess what your loved one needs. Bringing in a Registered Practical Nurse can offer peace of mind for the whole family. Neighbourly Care offers one time or regular nursing assessments to bring comfort and clarity to your loved one’s care. Help give you the peace of mind knowing things like oxygen levels, blood pressure and other vital information are being monitored and tracked.

What does Nursing Care really mean?

  • Nursing assessments including vitals and overall wellness checks
  • Communication with physician
  • Medication administration
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Wound monitoring and/or dressing
  • Change ostomy bag
  • B12 shots

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